About Omesa Data Group

Welcome to the 21st Century. 
No pens, no paper, no hand-written notes, no SD cards to lose, no waiting, no wondering.

Omesa revolutionized the way Phase I ESA Site Visit data is collected, delivered, stored and used.

We built our proprietary digital Phase I ESA data ecosystem because you deserve instant, high quality, nationwide, ASTM-compliant, EP-collected field data.  

Our innovations save you Time and Money so you can focus on increasing project volume, profits...or decreasing your golf score.

Stay tuned.
Omesa is dedicated to continuously innovating and improving our Phase I ESA Site Visit data ecosystem.
Faster. Cheaper. More digital. Higher quality. Be part of what's coming next.

Chad Prevatte, EP, CEM - President

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Chad is a Certified Environmental Manager and Environmental Professional with 25+ years of Environmental experience and 18+ years of dedicated Phase I ESA experience. As a practitioner, Chad understands what Environmental Professionals need from the Site Visit data and innovates original solutions for consistently superior results. Years spent pushing for improvements to archaic methods motivated Chad to revolutionize the way ESA Site Visit data is collected and delivered. He founded Omesa in 2015 with a commitment to pursuing continuous advancement in the ESA industry and delivering superior quality, cost effective ESA site visit data through Omesa’s digital tools, web portals, proprietary apps and more. Contact Chad at chad@omesagroup.com.

Jesse Cottrell, EP - Senior Project Manager

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Jesse is an Environmental Professional with 11 years of widely varied Phase I ESA experience. Joining Omesa in 2019 as a Senior Project Manager, Jesse's diverse skills include leading Phase I ESA EP teams, exceptional historical research abilities and cultural resource management such as producing archaeological surveys. Adding capacity and depth to Omesa's team of EPs, Jesse travels Nationwide to collect your digital ESA Site Visit data. In her spare time, Jesse enjoys playing marimba and spending time with her special needs dog and cats. Contact Jesse at jesse@omesagroup.com.

Kristen Ivanick, EP - Senior Project Manager

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Kristen joined Omesa in 2018 as a Senior Project Manager, bringing many years of Phase I ESA experience inspecting and writing projects ranging from industrial to undeveloped land, and all types in between. She is also a LEED Accredited Professional and Sustainable Design Specialist with experience incorporating Green Design into modern buildings. When not inspecting properties, Kristen enjoys exploring the Desert Southwest with her incredible family. Contact Kristen at kristen@omesagroup.com.

Dennis Papa, PE, PG, EP - Senior Project Manager

Dennis is a licensed Professional Engineer and Professional Geologist with 30+ years of Phase I ESA, remedial investigation and program management experience at CERCLA sites, Brownfield pilot projects and industrial/commercial facilities. Focused for decades on high-level client service, his projects have received national attention for innovations in environmental assessment. Omesa welcomed Dennis to the team in 2016. Located in Virginia, Dennis serves select East Coast projects. Contact Dennis at dennis@omesagroup.com.

Sarah Washburn - Chief Communications Strategist

Sarah joined the Omesa team in 2015 as a graphic artist and communications specialist. With 19+ years experience leading diverse groups of teams, executing technological upgrades in data management, designing graphic media, and enhancing client communications, she is motivated by a strong desire to elevate customer experience by advancing systems and improving deliverables that take advantage of 21st Century digital capabilities. In her spare time she collects great outdoor experiences and dotes on her dogs. Contact Sarah at sarah@omesagroup.com.

Stokley - Office Dog (Professional Jokester)

Stokley approaches his job with indefatigable enthusiasm. He joined the Omesa team in 2015, and after years of training, his skills now include swimming, running fast, fetch, tug-of-war, high-five, googly eyes and general insanity, bringing laughter to nearly everyone he meets. Stokley has no idea about digital deliverables, native apps or ESA data ecosystems but does watch people use them all day. Contact Stokley at stokley@omesagroup.com. Yes, he really does have an email.


Contact information:

Omesa Data Group LLC
P.O. Box 1514
Arvada, CO 80001-1514


Omesa operates nationwide.
And we are proud to say that our principal office is located in the great State of Colorado.