Omesa Data Group travels nationwide
to collect your Phase I ESA
Site Reconnaissance field data.

Data Solutions for Environmental Professionals

Omesa is an extension of your ESA Team; we are your company's nationwide Field EPs.

Omesa's revolutionary and free digital Phase I ESA Site Visit data ecosystem stores Omesa-collected site visit data for infinite access to all your field data. Anywhere. Anytime. Any device.

Write your Phase I ESA in your template and style with Omesa's Site Reconnaissance data. 

Environmental industry experts trust and value Omesa.
Get on board and experience what Omesa does for you.

Why use Omesa Data Group?

Omesa's EPs expertly collect and deliver the highest-quality Phase I ESA field data. Guaranteed.

Omesa can save you $100s per project. 

Omesa's Data Portal delivers and stores an unlimited amount of your Omesa-collected field data. Free to you.

Omesa is dedicated to innovating Phase I ESA Site Visit data collection methods and is not your competitor. We do not produce Omesa-branded Phase I ESAs. We help you produce your Phase I ESAs.


The Report Writing Package includes data analysis and Phase I ESA report writing by Environmental Professionals in your report template.  


The Historical Aerials Package includes historic aerials in 5-10 year increments and the Physical Setting Maps Package includes six+ maps.


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