Site Visit Package

  • Omesa's Environmental Professionals travel nationwide to collect and digitally deliver the highest-quality Phase I ESA Site Visit data. Omesa’s Site data is Guaranteed.

  • Having managed 10,000s of Phase I ESAs, Omesa knows how to collect the highest quality Phase I ESA Site Visit data.

  • Omesa delivers Site Visit photographs, a Site Reconnaissance Report and an Aerial with Geolocated Photos through our proprietary digital ecosystem to your Omesa Data Portal. No more waiting for inspection photos and data.

  • The Omesa Data Portal stores all your Omesa-generated Site Visit Data for FREE forever. All your PMs will have an independent login so you can manage your data.

  • Clients using Omesa save $100s or more versus in-house staff-performed ESA site visits.

  • Omesa's EPs are experts at ESA Site Visit data and Omesa is focused on continuous improvement. Therefore, Omesa is not your competitor and does not write Omesa-branded Phase I ESA reports. We help you produce your Phase I ESA reports.


What do we mean by "Nationwide"?

Click on the map for more details about some of the Omesa staff's Nationwide Phase I ESA Site Visits.


Site Visit Deliverables include:

  • 100s of digital photographs allowing you to conveniently "inspect" the property from any remote location.

  • A Site Reconnaissance Report, which includes the site inspection information delivered in pdf format. All data is Traceable and Verifiable so that you can have confidence. Your ESA is not complete without a Site Reconnaissance Report.

  • A digital Field Site Plan with geo-located RECs, environmental concerns, adjacent properties and more.

  • A digital Aerial with Geo-located Photos pinpointing environmental concerns and site information.

Data is digitally delivered via the Omesa Data Portal.

For a Proposal 

email Chad at

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Omesa will submit a Lump Sum proposal.

* Don't forget that Omesa can also write your Phase I ESA.

Site Reconnaissance Report.

Aerial with Geo-located Photos.


The rights to the data collected by Omesa Data Group are reserved for Omesa Data Group and clients.