Report Writing Package

Omesa's Environmental Professionals write your Phase I Environmental Site Assessment reports in any format you require. 

Omesa's Phase I ESA report writing includes:

  • Professional environmental evaluation of historic data (Omesa's historic aerials and maps or your own), databases, interviews and more to write your reports and identify RECs and other environmental concerns.
  • Professional evaluation of the site visit data, whether Omesa provided the Site Visit Inspection or your staff.
  • Appendix construction such as producing Site Plans, maps and historic aerial panels and photologs.
  • Local governmental agency research.
  • Interviews with past and present owners, Users, key site managers and occupants.
  • Governmental File Reviews.
  • Professional Findings, Opinions and Recommendations.
  • Reports are written in any medium (MS Word, Quire or Other) you prefer.

Omesa's Environmental Professionals have decades of Phase I ESA experience and can easily adapt to your Phase I ESA report writing template, style, preferences and requirements.  Think of Omesa as an extension of your professional staff.

Turnaround time is on a per project basis to meet your deadlines.

To speak to someone about Phase I ESA report writing, please call (303) 325-6496 or email with any questions.